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Founding Stoneridge Software has allowed President Eric Newell to combine two of his biggest passions. He loves the challenge of taking complex business issues and figuring out ways to streamline them with technology. Newell has always known that starting his own business was in the cards. “I could tell a few years into my career working with Dynamics that eventually I’d like to make the move into the partner space. I like to build relationships with customers and help them solve their business problems, and as a partner you get to focus on that work.”

Over his past few years working with Dynamics AX at Microsoft, Newell found that there was a real gap in the expectations of customers versus what was being delivered in the market. “With my background in managing projects and some help from my very knowledgeable friends, I knew that we could be an excellent alternative for customers looking for the whole package in a Microsoft partner.”

Recognized Experts

In Stoneridge Software you get an ambitious team of globally recognized AX experts with deep knowledge of the application and how to make it fit your business.

With proven capabilities and years of experience in project management methodology, Stoneridge Software provides hands-on implementation guidance to ensure success throughout the entire ERP process.

Work Ethic & Shared Success

Founded on Midwestern values, Stoneridge Software has an unequaled work ethic and a great desire for shared success. With a strong sense of community and customer service, Stoneridge Software will work to make your ERP project as seamless as possible. We are eager to see you succeed!

Our Values

  • Integrity - open and honest with our customers, partners and team
  • Technical Excellence - as an organization, we invest in our people in order to have strong technical expertise
  • Tenacity - we are willing to go the extra mile to deliver for our customers and do so with a positive attitude
  • Lifelong Customers - we will deliver value and quality in every customer engagement and adapt as our customers grow and change
  • Enjoy Our Work - we will bring our personality to our engagements while maintaining balance in our lives

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Technical Excellence


Lifelong Customers

Enjoy Our Work

The Nerd Factor